Roni Horn

  • Text by Dave Hickey
  • Text by Dave Hickey 44 pages, 30 colour plates
    Embossed hardcover
    31 × 28.5 cm / 12 1/4 × 11 1/4 in
  • Steidl, 2010
  • 978-3-86930-133-4
  • June 2010
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“In aka, Horn’s inner self is gone in the instant of completion. The photographs move back in time, our interpretations move forward. We are always new. The photographs are always old, and they always demonstrate past interactions between the artist’s inner and outer selves. So the viewer, it would seem, is asked to infer a real ‘Roni Horn’ from thirty images of disguised ‘Roni Horns.’ This is not doable, and, if it were, its consequence would be closer to faux-psychology then art. When the Inside-Roni-Horn curates images of the Outside-Roni-Horn, ‘honesty’ is virtually un-imaginable, although Horn seems to be playing her own game pretty straight.” – In This Light She Resembles Herself by Dave Hickey

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