Planting the Oudolf Gardens at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Piet Oudolf’s deep knowledge of plants and skill in choosing and grouping them is brilliantly displayed in the gardens at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. In this book, plantsman and garden designer Rory Dusoir describes the characteristics of these beautiful, dependable plants, scrutinizes the classic Oudolf planting techniques, and marvels at the Sporobolus Meadow, which Piet has described as ‘wilder than wildness itself.’

Oudolf fans will delight in this book which gives full access to the plant lists, planting combinations and horticultural know-how. More than 300 exceptional quality photographs capture the very special quality of the gardens and, combined with the text, offer a unique insight into planting the Oudolf way.

Publication Details

  • Text by Rory Dusoir
  • Introduction by Piet Oudolf
  • Photographs by Jason Ingram
  • Book design: Michael Whitehead
  • Co-published with Filbert Press
  • English
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • 275 x 225 mm
  • 978-1-9997345-3-4
  • £30 / $50 / €35

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