Ursula: Issue 3

Our third issue of Ursula is full of time capsules that we encourage you to open—on the cover, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a momentous event for human consciousness and for the art world. Don Eyles, the pioneering software engineer who wrote the code that conveyed the lunar module safely to the surface that July day, sits down with Matthew Day Jackson, an old friend, to ponder the more transcendent aspects of an achievement the world has not duplicated since the Nixon administration.

We mark the centenary of another pivotal moment, the founding of the Bauhaus, taking you back to Dessau and Swiss design pioneer Max Bill’s early days as an expressionist painter. And we plunge into the history of the all-but-forgotten experimental New York art space 84 West Broadway, whose brief run involved insurgents like Daniel Buren, Louise Lawler, Dan Graham, Lawrence Weiner and Peter Nadin. Finally, on our parting page, we mark the 50th anniversary of Danny Lyon’s classic critique of New York’s equivocal relationship with its past, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan.

Along the way, you’ll be guided by theme music—the critic Ben Ratliff on bebop iconoclast Lennie Tristano; curators Matthew Higgs and Bob Nickas on record collecting; the avant-garde guitarist Rhys Chatham on heavenly harmonics.

As the great British theorist and music writer Mark Fisher once observed: ‘When the present has given up on the future, we must listen for the relics of the future in the unactivated potentials of the past.’ In this new issue, our ears are tuned. Happy reading.

Randy Kennedy
Editor in Chief

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MAURI65879 Luna (Moon)

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