Louise Bourgeois
Works in Marble

  • English / German, 94 pages, softcover
  • Prestel, Munich/Berlin/London/New York
  • ISBN: 379132781X
  • 2002
  • £30 / $48 / €35 / CHF 39
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“… even though Bourgeois’s works in marble invite the viewer to observe her sculptural output specifically with regard to the aesthetics of their forms and materials, this by no means suggests a continuous chronology and overall logic in her use of this material. The sculptures in marble return again and again to motifs that first came to light in Bourgeois’s drawings. Frequently, their first manifestation as a three-dimensional form would be in plaster; following that they would be realized and further developed in other traditional or new, artificial materials from contexts that were otherwise alien to art. ” – Turning Doubt into Certitude. Louise Bourgeois’s Works in Marble by Michaela Unterdörfer

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