Ellen Gallagher
Murmur. Orbus

  • Ellen Gallagher, in collaboration with Edgar Cleijne
  • Hauser & Wirth London/Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (ed.)
    English, 5 books holding together with magnet, 990 pages
    Blizzard of White (2003, 55 min loop, 16 mm),
    Hauser & Wirth Zürich London/ Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh (ed.)
  • ISBN: 3039390333
  • 2005
  • £50 / $80 / €62 / CHF 70
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“’Scientists calculate that the deep sea – the lightless zone of the ocean that includes everything below 3,000 feet – encompasses more than 90 percent of the earth’s biosphere. The skin of habitat on land is minuscule by comparison. Yet because the ocean’s depths are dangerous and very expensive to explore, very little is known about the deep sea…’ This quotation is taken from a report on the discovery of a bizarre species of giant squid found lurking at the bottom of the world’s oceans, which Ellen Gallagher included in a limited-edition artist’s paper, produced in 2002, just as she was embarking on a new series of drawings.” – Text by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

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