Mary Heilmann
Little 9 x 9 (1973) / Blue Room (1997)

  • Editors: Eva Meyer-Hermann and Roland Wäspe
    Texts by Konrad Bitterli and Irene Müller
  • Languages: English, German
    72 pages
  • Co-published with Oktagon
  • 3-89611-090-X
  • 2000
  • £50 / $80 / €62 / CHF 70
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“The first-rate group of works from the Sammlung Hauser & Wirth being presented at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen offers a welcome occasion to take a closer look into Mary Heilmann’s oeuvre: Little 9 × 9 from 1973 and Blue Room from 1997 are the objects of the following monographic reflection on her work. These two works represent exemplarily her early work as well as her current phase of production that together form the wondrous biotope of color, as carefully nurtured as it is untamed.” – Painting – Deconstructed Reconstructed. Two Works by Mary Heilmann by Konrad Bitterli

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