Richard Jackson
Manual for Instructions for 'The Maid's Room'

  • Artist’s book
    Language: English
    55 pages
  • Co-published with Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
  • 2007
  • £100 / $150 / €120 / CHF 132
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During the conception and production of The Maid’s Room, Jackson closely studied Duchamp’s Manual of Instructions for Étant donnés, first published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1987 on the twentieth anniversary of the artist’s death, and published his own instruction manual for The Maid’s Room in 2007. Jackson’s manual is a nearly exact copy of the format and layout of the original. He recalls: “I realized just how smart [Duchamp] was, the illusion, and the intelligent choices that he made. Anything that you can’t see through the hole doesn’t exist; which is pretty nice because you have to imagine it. What that piece does is what I’d like my paintings to do. They’re all finished, nobody saw how you did them, so they have to imagine what the process was.”

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