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Enchanted Wanderer: A writer returns to a lost afternoon with Joseph Cornell

Unknown Pleasures

On a Sunday afternoon in August of 1971, towards the end of a heat wave in New York, I went to Queens to see Joseph Cornell.
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Graveside with Scott Covert: Painter of the dead

Unknown Pleasures

My first funeral was my grandfather’s. I was eight. It was 1962. To get to the service, we had to drive more than a thousand miles, from suburban New Jersey to...

Stonework: Travels in the art of transience

Unknown Pleasures

If things had gone a bit differently, I might have become a bricklayer instead of an artist. As it turned out, bricklaying led me to stonework, and stonework led...
Follower of Hans Memling, Virgin and Child, 16th century.

The Period Eye
A passion play

Unknown Pleasures

My visual education began in the modest interior of a house with a brown sandpaper façade nestled at the end of the 6 train, in a neighborhood called Pelham Bay,...

Repetition Compulsion: Dominick Dunne and Baroness Marion Lambert

Unknown Pleasures

There is nothing unusual about the tendency many of us have to fall into the loop of the repetition compulsion. We revisit the traumas or victories of the past...
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