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Symbolic Soldiers: Through images, a feminist artist addresses her male offspring

The Keepers

I am often asked, as an artist and as a feminist who has contended with motherhood in my work, to hold forth on what it is like to have two sons. The question is...

‘Monsters Exist Because We Create Them’: Turning to Leon Golub in a Time of Crisis


There is no way to write without writing about the pandemic. Everything is colored by malaise. An online article tells me that my untranslatable feelings about...

Enchanted Wanderer: A writer returns to a lost afternoon with Joseph Cornell

Unknown Pleasures

On a Sunday afternoon in August of 1971, towards the end of a heat wave in New York, I went to Queens to see Joseph Cornell.

The Syntax Itself: Marko Nikodijević, Nikolaus Bachler and Olivier Renaud-Clément in conversation

In Conversation

I discovered the Serbian-born composer Marko Nikodijević more than a year ago at Teatro alla Scala in Milan. After an extraordinary interpretation of Mahler’s...

Phyllida Barlow: The paper has become a space


‘It’s before, during and after.’ In 2011 the curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist asked Phyllida Barlow to explain where her career-long practice of drawing fit into the...

Seeing the Forest for the Trees


One of the first things that you draw as a child are trees. The unsteady lines on the paper find a structure in the form of a tree. A line topped with a circle...

Pipilotti Rist’s Japanese Pickles


Food, technology, togetherness, tenderness, the surreal and comforting parts of nature—these are all forms of salvation as we navigate the new realities of life...
ArtDrunk for Ursula - Teo Yang 2 copy

Future’s Past: The historical experiments of Korean designer Teo Yang


A traditional Korean guest house should contain four elements: a book, a handcrafted object, a landscape painting and good tea. On a chilly day last December,...
1997-Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 1997, © DR (François Pinault Foundation)

Mussolini’s Microphone: A conversazione between Maurizio Cattelan and Fabio Mauri

In Conversation

In a career that lasted more than half a century, Fabio Mauri, one of the most prominent members of the postwar Italian avant-garde, used his drawings,...
EP 1563_crop

Six decades in the art world: Calvin Tomkins sits down with Randy Kennedy

In Conversation

In Eugene O’Neill’s unfinished play ‘The Calms of Capricorn,’ the protagonist Ethan Harford, second mate aboard a clipper bound for California, is admonished for...

Bibliotheca Hermetica: Mario Diacono and the arts of alchemy

The Keepers

Poet, essayist and gallerist Mario Diacono, on the cusp of his 90th year, has led one of the most unusual lives in postwar contemporary art, beginning with his...
REA_CANCHA_01_Project in collaboration with Alin V. Wallach_Photo by Sandra Pereznieto

From Space to Place: The in-between architecture of Rozana Montiel


Rozana Montiel started to see the world through designer’s eyes at around the age of 12. Now the founder and director of an interdisciplinary Mexico City...
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