Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Gay Wine and Videos:
Hauser & Werk Bitch:
Don’t Be Mad At Us!

Explore now 2 Jul – 30 Jul 2021 New York, 22nd Street


In keeping with Hauser & Wirth’s lez-sez-faire approach to culture, the multinational corpseoration – in an exemplum of cool – has lovingly invited Ridykeulous to curehate it’s first confetti filled gay pride celezbration ever! 🎉 And we, in turn, invite you to pull up a bean bag and relax into this bold, brash stream of brilliance/high-risk initiative, for which H+W is suspiciously and thankfully enthusiastic!

‘Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Gay Wine and Videos: Hauser & Werk Bitch: Don’t Be Mad At Us!’ will take place in the new Hauser & Wirth/ToysЯUs merger space in Chelsea, and will provide a steady stream of looped videos from the most renowned LGBTQQUIPNBACK2SAD+* -identified video artists in the world: Mickey Aloisio, Qais Assali, Charles Atlas, My Barbarian, Morgan Bassichis & Sasha Wortzel, Meriem Bennani & Orian Barki, The Divine David, Zackary Drucker, Miguel Gutierrez, K8 Hardy, Young Joon Kwak, Christopher Richmond & Xina Xurner, Regina José Galindo, Kyli Kleven, Lily Marotta, Ryan McNamara, Tabita Rezaire, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya. The screening will run throughout the day from June 24-July 30.

Each of the artists will be paid generous artist fees of $666 by Hauser & Wirth for their contribution. This is real.

This ‘Queer initiative’ collaborative dream-child is brought to you by Our Love of Queer Video in collaboration with the Director of Non-Heteropatriarchal Concerns @ Hauser & Wirth International Space Station Incorporated’s Multi-Media Sector of Conglamorous Oscillating Global Steakholders, Shareholders, and CEOrls.

Queerdités and Love,

PS. “If anyone can have their cake and eat it too, it’s artists” – Lesbian Recruit #1


Artists Nicole Eisenman and A.L. Steiner form the curatorial initiative Ridykeulous (joined here by guest-dyke Sam Roeck) Founded in 2005, Ridykeulous mounts exhibitions and events primarily concerned with queer and feminist art. Using humor to critique the art world as well as culture at large, Ridykeulous often reinvents language to reflect their sensibilities and concerns as well as writes angry letters and diatribes across various media.

About the artist

Nicole Eisenman lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is a MacArthur Foundation Fellow and was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2018. Her work was included in the 2019 Venice Biennale, 2019 Whitney Biennial, and 2017…

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