Phyllida Barlow

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 1944

Studied at Chelsea College of Art, London, England, 1960 – 1963
Studied at Slade School of Fine Art, London, England, 1963 – 1966

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Jupiter Artland, ‘Tenth Anniversary Commission’, Edinburgh, Scotland

La Biennale di Venezia, British Pavilion, ‘Phyllida Barlow: folly’, Venice, Italy
Turner Contemporary, ‘ARTIST ROOMS: Phyllida Barlow’, Margate, England

Kunsthalle Zurich, ‘demo’, Zurich, Switzerland

Nasher Sculpture Center, ‘tryst’, Dallas TX
Fruitmarket Gallery, ‘set’, Edinburgh, Scotland
Lokremise, ‘mix’, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Tate Britain, ‘Duveen Commission: Phyllida Barlow. dock’, London, England
Hauser & Wirth, ‘Fifty Years of Drawings’, London, England
Hauser & Wirth Somerset, ‘GIG’, Somerset, England

Des Moines Art Center, ‘scree’, Des Moines IA
Norton Museum of Art, ‘HOARD’, West Palm Beach FL
Contemporary Art Society, London, England

New Museum, ‘siege’, New York NY
Henry Moore Institute, ‘Phyllida Barlow: Bad Copies’, Leeds, England
Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, ‘BRINK’, Aachen, Germany
Hauser & Wirth, ‘…later’, New York NY

Hauser & Wirth, ‘RIG’, London, England
Kunstverein Nürnberg, ‘Cast’, Nuremberg, Germany

Studio Voltaire, ‘BLUFF’, London, England
V22, ‘SWAMP’, London, England
BAWAG Contemporary, ‘STREET’, Vienna, Austria

One in the Other Gallery, ‘BRAKE’, London, England

Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, ‘STINT’, Warwick, England
Southbank Centre, ‘STACK, FENCE’, London, England

Canary Wharf, ‘Under Over’, London, England
Galería Jesús Gallardo, ‘Ramp Tower Flags’, León, Mexico
New Art Centre, Roche Court, ‘New Sculpture: in the Gallery and Grounds’, London, England

Studio 1.1, ‘untitled: demo’, London, England
Spacex, ‘SCAPE’, Exeter, England
Bloomberg Space, ‘Skit’, London, England
Beacon Art Project, ‘sense of place: place of sense’, Sleaford, England
The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, ‘Remnants, Dallas, 2003’, Dallas TX

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, ‘Peninsula’, Gateshead, England
Tannery Arts Exhibitions, ‘Barrier’, London, England

Dallas Visual Art Gallery, ‘untitled: Dallas’, Dallas TX
The Magnet School, ‘Remnants’, Dallas TX
Angstrom Gallery, ‘Remnants’, Dallas TX

Richard Salmon Gallery, ‘New Sculpture’, London, England
Phoenix Wharf, ‘Fête’, Bristol, England

Wimbledon Theatre, ‘Knives in Hens’, London, England

Marshall’s Mill, ‘Recall’, Halifax, England

Museum of Installation, ‘Depot’, London, England
Henry Moore Institute, ‘Sculptures for the Library’, Leeds, England

Private Commission, ‘In Place. Objects for Objects’, various private locations
Installation for a Country House Hallway, ‘Out of Place’, Hertfordshire, England
Installation for a Garage, ‘Out of Place’, London, England

Business Design Centre, ‘Plantation’, London, England
Museum of Installations, ‘Deep’, London, England
RIBA Sculpture Court, ‘Closed (Vigil II) ‘, London, England

DEGW Offices, ‘Fall’, London, England

Hermitage Road Industrial Estate, ‘Crowd’, London, England
Smith Jarawala Gallery, ‘Wallworks’, London, England
Windsor Festival, ‘Vigil I’, Windsor, England

The Gallery, ‘Slope’, Halifax, England

St. Peter’s Churchyard, ‘Oracle’, Cambridge, England
Unit 7, ‘Expanse’, London, England

‘Wrecks’, Bayfield, England
Old Stocking Factory Mare Street, ‘Ghosts’, London, England
Finsbury Park school playground, ‘Strangers’, London, England

Archway Road (abandoned house, attic), ‘Scar’, London, England

Selected Group Exhibitions

Hauser & Wirth, ‘Portable Art: A Project by Celia Forner’, New York NY
Jesus College , ‘Sculpture in the Close’, Cambridge, England
Art Gallery of South Australia, ‘Versus Rodin: Bodies Across Space and Time’, Adelaide, Australia
Turner Contemporary, ‘Entangled: Materials and Making’, Margate, England
Griffin Gallery, ‘Architecture as Metaphor’, London, England
Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, England
Royal Academy of Arts, ‘Summer Exhibition 2017’, London, England

Hepworth Wakefield, ‘The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture’, Wakefield, England
Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, ‘Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women’, 1947 – 2016’, Los Angeles CA
Arter, ‘Not All That Falls Has Wings’, Istanbul, Turkey
Fondazione Prada, ‘To the son of man who ate the scroll’, Milan, Italy
The Royal Academy of Arts, ‘The 248th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’, London, England
Edinburgh Art Centre, ‘Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986’, Edinburgh, Scotland (Travelling Exhibition)
CCS Bard Hessel Museum, ‘Invisible Adversaries’, Annandale-on-Hudson NY

The Royal Academy of Arts, ‘The 247th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’, London, England
Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, ‘Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986’, Coventry, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ‘Making It: Sculpture in Britain 1977-1986’, West Bretton, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Kettle’s Yard, ‘New Rhythms’, Cambridge, England
Keeper’s House, The Royal Academy of Arts, ‘Works on Paper by Sculptors’, London, England
Royal Academy of Arts, ‘The 246th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’, London, England
Kettle’s Yard, ‘Contemporary Drawings’, Cambridge, England
Auf AEG, ‘Gute Kunst? Wollen!’, Nuremberg, Germany
me Collectors Room Berlin, ‘A Book of Burning Matches: Collecting Installation Art Documents’, Berlin, Germany

Carnegie Museum of Art, ‘Carnegie International’, Pittsburgh PA
55th International Art Exhibition – Venice Biennale, ‘The Encyclopedic Palace’, Venice, Italy
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, ‘Yes, Naturally’, The Hague, Netherlands
Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, ‘Peekskill Project V’, Peekskill NY
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, ‘Gifted: From the Royal Academy to The Queen’, London, England
Royal Academy of Arts, ‘The 245th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’, London, England
Spoorzone, ‘Slow Burn – An Index of Possibilities’, Tilburg, Netherlands
Gallery Karsten Schubert, ‘Here We Go: A Changing Group Show’, London, England

David Roberts Art Foundation, ‘A House of Leaves’, London, England
Institute of Contemporary Arts of Lasalle College of the Arts, ‘Encounter: The Royal Academy in Asia’, Singapore
Katara Cultural Village Foundation, ‘Encounter: The Royal Academy in the Middle East’,
Doha, Qatar
Korean Cultural Centre, ‘Twin Town’, London, England
Lokremise, ‘Human Capsules. Eight Female Artists from the Ursula Hauser Collection’, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, ‘Collection on Display: Phyllida Barlow, Jimmie Durham, Daniel Knorr, Mark Leckey’, Zurich, Switzerland
Mystetskyi Arsenal, ‘First International Biennale of Contemporary Art: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art’, Kiev, Ukraine
Royal Academy of Arts, ‘The 244th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition’, London, England

Art Cologne, ‘Open Space’, Cologne, Germany
Haus der Kunst, ‘Sculptural Acts’, Munich, Germany
Museum Ludwig, ‘Before the Law’, Cologne, Germany
Kettle’s Yard, ‘ARTISTS for Kettle’s Yard’, Cambridge, England
Limoncello Gallery, ‘Young British Art’, London, England
Johann Koenig, ‘Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard materials … ‘, Berlin, Germany
Henry Moore Institute, ‘United Enemies: The Problem of Sculpture in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s’, Leeds, England

Serpentine Gallery, ‘Nairy Baghramian and Phyllida Barlow’, London, England
Kunstmuseum Basel, ‘Old Ideas’, Basel, Switzerland
Bergen Kunsthall, ‘Under One Umbrella’, Bergen, Norway
CoExist Galleries, ‘Phyllida Barlow & Fiona MacDonald’, Essex, England
Modern Art, ‘Everynight, I go to Sleep’, London, England
Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, ‘Displaced Fractures – Über die Bruchlinien von Architekturen und ihren Körpern’, Zurich, Switzerland

The Almond Building, ‘The Real, V22 Sculpture Exhibition’, London, England
ROOM Gallery, ‘Collaborators’, London, England
Warwick Arts Centre, ‘Hijack Reality, Bob and Roberta Smith solo exhibition, invited artist Phyllida Barlow’, Warwick, England
The Russian Club Gallery, ‘Phyllida Barlow/Jess Flood-Paddock’, London, England
DOMOBAAL, ‘Time is a Sausage’, London, England

Museum für Gegenwartskunst, ‘Old Ideas’, Basel, Switzerland
The Almond Building, ‘Stuff with Alison Wilding, Laura White, Bettina Buck’, London, England
Henry Moore Institute, ‘Prospects and Interiors Sculptors’ Drawings of Inner Space’, Leeds, England
Art Space Gallery Michael Richardson Contemporary Art, ‘STEW’, London, England
CAS Gallery, ‘Entre Muros (Between Walls)’, Miami, FL

Amagerfaelledvej Art Project, ‘etc…’, Copenhagen, Denmark
Flowers East, ‘says the junk in the yard’, London, England
Studio 1.1, ‘An Exploration into Abstract Painting’, London, England
RUN, ‘3Things’, London, England
The Swiss Exhibition Centre, ‘Art 38 Basel’, Basel, Switzerland
The Winchester Gallery, ‘Rummage Sculptors’ Drawings’, Winchester, England
Woburn Slade Research Centre, ‘Jumbo Shrimp’, London, England
Galeria Casa de los Manos, ‘Entre Muros (Between Walls) ‘, León, Mexico

RAID Projects, ‘Ebb and Flow’, Los Angeles, CA
The Tomas Chavez Morado Gallery and Attrium, ‘Entre Muros (Between Walls) ‘, Dallas, TX
Fieldgate Gallery, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, London, England
GANA Art Centre, ‘Wandering Star’, Seoul, Korea
Royal Academy of Art, ‘Please Close the Gate: Painted sculpture at Roche Court’, London, England
Royal Academy of Art, ‘Summer Exhibition’, London, England
New Art Centre, ‘Please close the gate – Painted Sculpture at Roche Court’, Salisbury, England

Arts & Business, ‘Sleigh’, London, England
Studio 1.1, ‘Zoo Art Fair’, London, England
Henry Moore Institute, ‘New Acquisitions: Works on Paper, Phyllida Barlow, Cecile Johnson-Soliz, Sarah Staton’, Leeds, England
Program, ‘Rough Diamond’, London, England
Tannery Arts, ‘Drawing Two Hundred, Biennial Fundraiser’, London, England
Musee de L’Art Contemporain, ‘Merveilles du Monde’, Dunkirque, France
Fiera Internazionale d’Arte contemporanea/International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, ‘Arte Fiera Bologna’, Bologna, Italy
Three Colts Gallery, ‘Abb and Flow’, London, England

Danielle Arnaud Gallery, ‘Love Story’, London, England
Program, ‘Zoo Art Fair’, London, England
Studio 1.1, ‘Zoo Art Fair’, London, England
Fieldgate Gallery, ‘Bird House’, London, England

Studio 1.1, ‘Shelf Life, 60 Minutes’, London, England
Albury Arts, ‘Location, Location, Location’, Guildford, England
The Drawing Room, ‘The Drawing Auction’, London, England
Metropole Gallery, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, Folkestone, England

Metropole Gallery, ‘Harvey’s Bodies’, Folkestone, England
Royal Academy of Arts, ‘Summer Exhibition’, London, England

Exeter Maritime Museum, ‘Station to Station, Spacex 2’, Exeter, England
Mile End Park, ‘Mile End Park Sculpture Exhibition’, London, England

Dean Gallery, ‘British Art Show 5, after dark into black’, Edinburgh, Scotland (Travelling exhibition)
Southampton City Gallery, ‘British Art Show 5, after dark into black’, Southampton, England (Travelling exhibition)
CVA, ‘British Art Show 5, after dark into black’, Cardiff, Wales (Travelling exhibition)
The Gas Hall, ‘British Art Show 5, after dark into black’, Birmingham, England (Travelling exhibition)

The Royal Western Academy, ‘Sculpture, Dawn till Dusk’, Bristol, England
Lieu D’Art Contemporain, ‘O Pas La-Surprising Places, Far Away’, Narbonne, France
Richard Salmon Gallery, ‘Furniture’, London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
John Hansard Gallery, ‘Furniture’, Southampton, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Bluecoat Gallery, ‘Furniture’, Liverpool, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Battersea Arts Centre, ‘Dumbfounded’, London, England (Travelling exhibition)

The Master Shipwrights House, ‘Not Nothing Nowhere, after dark’, London, England
Chapter Art Gallery, ‘Out of Place, Time and Time Again’, Cardiff, Wales
The Gallery, Swiss Cottage Library, ‘Touching Matters’, London, England
The Henry Moore Institute Gallery, ‘The Ugly Edge, (Ugly Mugs)’, Leeds, England

Museum of Installation, ‘Musee Imaginaire’, London, England
Norwich Art Gallery, ‘Barely Made, Objects for a Dressing Table’, Norwich, England
Norwich School of Art, ‘EAST International’, Norwich, England

Manhattan Lofts, ’9 Months 2 Seconds’, London, England
Gulbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art, ‘TRY’, London, England

Royal Festival Hall, ‘Contemporary Arts Society Fair’, London, England
Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University, ‘The Gas Station’, Oxford, England

Die Neue Fabrik, ‘Leich und Luft’, Hamburg, Germany

Bradford City Art Gallery, ‘Shopping sensations’, Bradford, England (Travelling Exhibition)

Rothschild Centre, ‘Shopping Sensation, ‘Home’‘, London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Diorama, ‘Three Sculptures’, London, England

National Garden Festival, ‘Seam’, Gateshead, England
Kettle’s Yard Gallery, ‘MAAD Festival Cambridge’, Cambridge, England

13 Clarynge Road, ‘Houseworks’, Bristol, England

Kettle’s Yard, ‘The Shelf Show, Muscles and Bone’, Cambridge, England

The Cornerhouse, ‘Casting an Eye. Engulf’, Manchester, England
Canterbury Festival, ‘Third Generation’, Canterbury, England

Tout Quarry, ‘Tout Quarry Sculpture’, Portland, England

South Hill Park, ‘Sculpture in Action’, Bracknell, England

West Surrey School of Art Gallery, ‘Twelve Sculptors at West Surrey’, Surrey, England

Gloucester Cathedral, ‘Three Sculptors in the Close’, Gloucester, England

Camden Arts Centre, ‘Contemporary Painting and Sculpture’, London, England

Gallery 21, ‘Drawings’, London, England

Sunderland Arts Centre, ‘British Sculptors, Attitudes to Drawing’, Sunderland, England

University of Surrey, ‘Sculpture at the University of Surrey’, Surrey, England

Camden Arts Centre, ‘Sculpture and Drawings’, London, England
Alexandra Palace, ‘Spectrum London’, London, England

ICA Galleries, ‘Young Contemporaries’, London, England


Townsend Lecture, Slade School of Fine Art

Aachen Art Prize 2012
Award for the Most Significant Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Art, Arsenale 2012 Awards, Kiev Biennale, Ukraine

Royal Academician, Royal Academy of Arts

Award to an Individual Artist, Arts Council England
Award to an Individual Artist, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, London, England

The Dupree Family Award to a Woman Artist, Royal Academy of Arts, London, England

Dean’s Award, University College London, England
Henry Moore Foundation Award for Black Dog Publishing Monograph

Dean’s Award, University College London, England

Elephant Trust Award, Museum of Installation, London

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