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Lectures, public presentations

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Work Group 2, ’404 Object Not Found: What remains of media art?’, International congress concerning the production, presentation and preservation of media arts. Case Study of an installation by Diana Thater, Dortmund

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New York Institute for the Humanities, ‘Why Contemporary Artists Don’t Paint Like Ingres’, Presentation by Diana Thater as part of an Artists Response Panel at the conference, ‘Art & Optics’, moderated by Lawrence Weschler, New York

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Art, ‘The Comic Spirit is a Living Thing’, Presentation by Diana Thater on panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition ‘The Worlds of Nam June Paik’, moderated by John Hanhardt, New York

MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Untitled talk on the Münster Sculpture Project and Documenta 10 as part of the panel ‘World Cups of Art’, moderated by Carol McMichael Reese, Los Angeles

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The Hirsch Farm Project , Untitled talk at ‘Optimism’ a conference, Madison


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