Pipilotti Rist Public Art

  • Tastende Lichter [Tactile Lights], 2016
    Video and light installation: projector, five moving lights, control unit, media player
    Dimensions variable
    Duration: 10' 27'' (Loop)
  • Wir verwurzeln (Seelenfarben), 2015
    Amorphous video projection on 5 plants in clay pots and a wall in the Kafi Züri of Zürcher Kantonalbank on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich
  • Aufgeweckter Rosenscheitel (Awoken Rose Parting), 2014
    Installation; 24’500 faceted polycarbonate beads in 34 colours, hanging in the staircase of the Nationale Suisse, Basel headquarters, Switzerland
  • The Shimmering Solution – The Tender Pixel Storm, 2011
    Installation with printed backlit screens, rgb led displays,
    Players and control system, 1200 sqm
    Installation view, Statoil Building, Fornebu, Oslo, Norway
  • Die Freiheit in und über uns (The Freedom In and Above Us), 2010
    Uniqa Tower Praterstrasse 1 (building by Jean Nouvel & Atelier) in Vienna; 4 backlit printed ceilings, 5 LED Displays, 5 players and control system

    In collaboration with Thomas Rhyner and Carlos Martinez
  • Exterior view, FACT, Liverpool, 2008
  • A la belle étoile (Under The Sky), 2007
    Audio-video installation
    Installation view, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
  • Stadtlounge, 2005
    Raiffeisenplatz, St. Gallen, Switzerland
    Beds, chairs, benches, tables, fountain and car covered with 4103 square metres of tartane, with various other media. Commissioned and produced by Schweizer Verband der Raiffeisenbanken and the City of St. Gallen.

    In collaboration with Carlos Martinez
  • Open My Glade (Flatten), 2000
    Video installation
    Installation view, Times Square, New York