14 Jul – 16 Jul 2022 Grimaldi Forum, Monaco


Hauser & Wirth returns to artmonte-carlo this year with an array of outstanding historic and contemporary works by leading artists from our roster in celebration of the gallery’s 30th anniversary and the announcement of our new space in Paris, opening in 2023.

In dialogue with ‘Paul McCarthy. Pirates Stew Pot’—an exhibition on show at Hauser & Wirth Monaco until 27 August 2022 which marks the twentieth anniversary of McCarthy’s Pirate project—the booth will feature ‘Butt Plug’ (2012), a marble sculptural work by McCarthy. On display during the fair, one of the artist’s monumental inflatable sculptures, ‘Daddies Tomato Ketchup Inflatable’ (2007), will be installed in the Jardins des Boulingrins in the center of Monaco and adjacent to the gallery until 27 August 2022.

Exceptional works by contemporary artists include a watercolor entitled ‘Le souffle au coeur 1’ (2020) from French artist Camille Henrot’s Inside Out series, one of the newest artists on our roster; a new painting by George Condo that masterfully blends abstraction and figuration to depict multiple states of mind captured in an abstract web; a brand-new painting by Rita Ackermann from her ‘Mama’ series and a photographic work by Cindy Sherman, whose first major solo exhibition with the gallery is currently on view at Hauser & Wirth New York, 69th Street. A sculpture by Roni Horn from the artist’s best-known series which has come to define her practice, When Dickinson Shut Her Eyes, employs the writings of 19th-century poet and writer Emily Dickinson. A solo exhibition by Roni Horn will open at Hauser & Wirth in Monaco on 22 September 2022, curated by Jerry Gorovoy and viewing her work through the context of cinema for the first time.

Modern highlights from this year’s booth include a vibrant painting by Frank Bowling entitled ‘Bunting II’ (2011), exemplifying the signature use of his marouflage technique. This fall, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) will debut ‘Frank Bowling’s Americas,’ the first major survey of the artist’s work by an American institution in more than four decades. Other modern highlights include a painting by Luchita Hurtado depicting an autumn leaf, whose work is currently on show at Hauser & Wirth London until 31 July 2022, and a work on paper by Philip Guston in celebration of the much anticipated ‘Philip Guston Now’ exhibition on show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston until 11 September 2022.

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