Andy Hope 1930

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Echoes from an Unlimited Company’, Munich, Germany
Metro Pictures, New York NY

Gabriele Senn Galerie, ‘WHY PAINT (with David Batchelor), Vienna, Austria
Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘Andy Hope 1930 presents Earth 1 belongs to Earth 2’, Berlin, Germany

Kestnergesellschaft, ‘Medley Tour by Andy Hope 1930’, Hannover, Germany
Hauser & Wirth, ‘Medley Tour London by Andy Hope 1930’, London, England
Inverleith House,‘When Dinosaurs Become Modernists’, Edinburgh, Scotland

Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Silent Running’, Munich, Germany
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, ‘Robin Dostoyevsky by Andy Hope 1930’, Malaga, Spain
Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ’0,10 and a half by Andy Hope 1930’, Berlin, Germany
Kunsthistorisches Museum and CAC Contemporary Art Club at Theseustempel, ‘Detour – Landscape in Progress II’, Vienna, Austria

Freud Museum, ‘Andy Hope 1930 at the Freud’, London, England
Charles Riva Collection, Brussels, Belgium
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Ghost Ships & Ornamental Skies. Robert Hawkins & Andreas Hofer’, Munich, Germany
Metro Pictures, ‘ON TIME’, New York NY

Hauser & Wirth London, ‘air tsu dni oui sélavy’, London, England
Oldenburger Kunstverein, ‘White Space Black’, Oldenburg, Germany
Sammlung Goetz, ‘Andy Hope 1930’, Munich, Germany

Hauser & Wirth Zürich and 7556 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA, ‘Phantom Gallery’, Zurich, Switzerland
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Valleys of Neptune’, Munich, Germany
Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘City of Sokrates’, Berlin, Germany

MARTa Herford, ‘The Long Tomorrow’, Herford, Germany
Silverbridge and Hauser & Wirth, ‘Sweet Troubled Souls’, private apartment Yola Noujaim, Paris, France
Metro Pictures, ‘Only Gods Could Survive’, New York NY

Galerie Guido Baudach, ‘Trans Time’, Berlin, Germany
Hauser & Wirth London, ‘This Island Earth’, London, England

Kunstverein Ulm, ‘Neverworld Technik’, Ulm, Germany (with André Butzer)
Galerie Bernd Kugler, ‘Two Bad’, Innsbruck, Austria
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, ‘Welt ohne Ende’, Munich, Germany
Galerie Nomadenoase, ‘Time Banners’, Paris, France
Galerie Bleich-Rossi, ‘Galassia che vai’, Vienna, Austria

Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Batman Gallery’, Munich, Germany
Remise, ‘Circus City 4419’, Bludenz, Austria
Galerie Parisa Kind, ‘Winterheat’, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

Maschenmode (Galerie Guido W. Baudach), ‘Tomorrow People’, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Hinter den Hügeln’, Munich, Germany

Maschenmode (Galerie Guido W. Baudach), ‘Down the Hollywoodline’, Berlin, Germany

SITE-Ausstellungsraum, ‘Ich seh nach draußen und seh die Wand’, Dusseldorf, Germany

Ausstellungsraum Balenstrasse, ‘c/o Puschmann’, Munich, Germany

Group Exhibitions

Collectors Room Stiftung Olbricht, ‘Paperworlds ‘, Berlin, Germany
Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, ‘Fruits of passion: collection from the Musée nationale d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris’, Kobe, Japan (Travelling Exhibition)
Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, ‘Somos Libres II. Opera Dalla Collezione Di Mario Testino (Works From The Mario Testino Collection)’, Turin, Italy

8. Salon, ‘Andy Hope 1930 & Paul McCarthy: down show show down’, Hamburg, Germany
Setareh Gallery, ‘Wide as an Illusion.. Expansion dissolves’, Düsseldorf, Germany
Held Art, ‘Maps & Orientation Part 2’, Berlin, Germany
Daimler Contemporary, ‘Private / Corporate VII’, Berlin, Germany
Foxy Production, ‘HMV’, New York, NY
Weserburg /Museum fur moderne Kunst, ‘Kaboom! Comic in der Kunst’, Bremen, Germany
Galerie Sabine Knust, ‘Nights of Studies in Sub-History Light (curated by Andy Hope 1930)’, Munich, Germany
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, ‘Painting Forever!’, Berlin, Germany
De Halle in Geel, ‘Middle Gate Geel 13’, Geel, Brussels
Kunsthaus im KunstKultur Quartier, ’Forever Young, Jugend und Jugendkult in der
Gegenwartskunst’, Nuremberg, Germany
Held Art, ‘Maps and Orientation Part 2’, Berlin, Germany

Centre Georges Pompidou, ‘Fruits of Passion’, Paris, France
The Gwangju Biennale Foundation, ‘Roundtable: The 9th Gwangju Biennale’, Gwangju, Korea
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Summer Show’, Munich, Germany
MARTa, ‘Ash and Gold. A World Tour’, Herford, Germany
Weserburg, ‘Circus Wols’, Bremen, Germany

Kunstverein Kreis Gütersloh e.V., ‘Ars Apocalipsis – Kunst und Kollaps’, Gutersloh, Germany
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, ‘MMK 1991 – 2011. 20 Years of Presence’, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Kai 10 Arthena Foundation, ‘Mind the Gap’, Dusseldorf, Germany
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘All I Desire’, Munich, Germany
Kienzle Art Foundation, ‘Show 3. What a serious horror writing a play’, Berlin, Germany
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, ‘Der Traum vom Fliegen – The Art of Flying’, Berlin, Germany
Held Art, ‘show #4 – PORTRAITS & FACES’, Berlin, Germany
Vogt Gallery, ‘Eyes wide shut. Contemporary Drawings from Germany’, New York NY

Sammlung Rheingold, ‘Was tun? Was geschieht?’, Dusseldorf, Germany
Rosenblum Collection & Friends, ‘Born in Dystopia’, Paris, France
Sprüth Magers Berlin, ‘Rethinking Location. Anytime, Anywhere, Everything’, Berlin, Germany
Sammlung Falckenberg, ‘Weisser Schimmel. You can observe a lot by watching’, Hamburg, Germany
Organized by Marc Jancou Contemporary, ‘Rive Gauche / Rive Droite’, Paris, France
Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg, ‘Permanent Trouble. Kunst aus der Sammlung Kopp München / Art from the Kopp Collection Munich’, Regensburg, Germany
Kunstraum Innsbruck, ‘Ulrich Hakel, Andreas Hofer, Olaf Metzel – Renaissance der leeren Hand’, Innsbruck, Austria
Schloss Dyck, ‘Sammlung Rheingold’, Juechen, Germany
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, ‘Prometheus’, Graz, Austria
MARTa Herford, ‘“I really don’t know what art is.” Insights into a private collection’, Herford, Germany
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Summershow 2010’, Munich, Germany
Kunstparterre, ‘Drawings by Andy Warhol, Andreas Hofer, Henri Matisse’, Munich, Germany
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, ‘Real Presences. Marcel Broodthaers today’, Düsseldorf, Germany
MASP Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo, ‘If not in this period of time. Contemporary German Painting: 1989 – 2010’, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Held Art, ‘Journey into unknown worlds’, Berlin, Germany

Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘amor fati’, Berlin, Germany
Sommer Contemporary Art, ‘Pen’, Tel Aviv, Israel
Hamburger Kunsthalle, ‘MAN SON 1969. The Horror of the Situation’, Hamburg, Germany
Historisches Museum, Minoritenkirche, Städtische Galerie “Leerer Beutel”, ‘Der katholische Faktor in der zeitgenössischen Kunst aus Polen und Deutschland’, Regensburg, Germany
Artleib, ‘Andreas Hofer / Ben Kaufmann. “1999”’, Dusseldorf, Germany
Galerie Bernd Kugler, ’5 Years for Friends’, Innsbruck, Austria
Autocenter, ‘cargo’, Berlin, Germany

Hiromi Yoshii Gallery, ‘Mare Humorum 1. A group show curated by Björn
Dahlem’, Tokyo, Japan
ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, ‘Vertrautes Terrain – Contemporary Art in / about Germany’, Karlsruhe, Germany
Kestner Gesellschaft, ‘Back to Black. Black in Current Painting’, Hanover, Germany
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, ‘Daydreams & Dark Sides’, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Bernd Kugler, ’12 works on paper’, Innsbruck, Austria
Galleria Gió Marconi, ‘Kommando Giotto di Bondone, presented by FRIEDENS-SIEMENSE CO.’, Milan, Italy
MARTa Herford, ‘Ad Absurdum. Energies of the Absurd from Modernism till Today’, Germany
Karma International, ‘The trees bring forth sweet ecstasy III’, Zurich, Switzerland
Kunstraum Innsbruck, ‘The end was yesterday’, Innsbruck, Austria
Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘That’s the way it is’, Berlin, Germany
Musée des Beaux-Arts, ‘Son of…Guillaume Bruère, Thomas Helbig, Eugène Leroy, Thomas Zipp, André Butzer, Andreas Hofer, Marcus Selg’, Tourcoing, France
Forgotten Bar Project, ‘The Krautcho Club. In and out of Place’, Berlin, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Project Space 176, ‘The Krautcho Club. In and out of Place’, London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Galerie Sabine Knust, ‘Neue Editionen’, Munich, Germany
Metro Pictures, ‘Group Exhibition’, New York NY

ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, ‘Paul Thek. Werkschau im Kontext zeitgenössischer Kunst’, Karlsruhe, Germany
Sommer Gallery, ‘XXS. Extra Extra Small – Size does matter’, Tel Aviv, Israel
Forever and a Day Büro, ‘Return to Forever’, Berlin, Germany
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München, ‘Perspektive 07’, Munich, Germany
Rubell Family Collection, ‘Euro-Centric, Part 1: New European Art from the Rubell Family Collection’, Miami FL
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Works on Paper’, Munich, Germany
Kunstverein Heidelberg, ‘Re-dis-play’, Heidelberg, Germany
Kestner Gesellschaft, Sprengel Museum, Kunstverein Hannover, ‘Made in Germany’, Hanover, Germany
Hamburger Bahnhof, ‘There is never a stop and never a finish – In Memoriam Jason Rhoades’, Berlin, Germany
Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, ‘Die Kunst zu Sammeln’, Dusseldorf, Germany
Transmission Gallery, ‘Hot Rock’, Glasgow, Scotland
Hotel Gallery London, ‘Gallery Swap – Galerie Guido W. Baudach at Hotel’, London, England
Galerie Max Hetzler, ‘Kommando Friedrich Hölderlin Berlin’, Berlin, Germany
Kunsthalle Mannheim, ’100 Jahre Kunsthalle Mannheim’, Mannheim, Germany
Jiri Svestka Gallery, ‘Heretic & Co. The Golden City’, Prague, Czech Republic
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Sculptures by… ‘, Munich, Germany

Galerie Patrick Seguin, ‘Patrick Seguin invites Hauser & Wirth’, Paris, France
Galerie Christine Mayer, ‘Artists of the Gallery’, Munich, Germany
The Brno House of Arts, ‘Heretic & Co. Young artists from Berlin’, Brno, Czech Republic
Galerie Daniel Hug, Los Angeles CA
Kunstverein Braunschweig, ‘Optik Schröder – Werke aus der Sammlung Alexander Schröder’, Braunschweig, Germany
Hillside Terrace, ‘Deutschland – Heimat als Utopie’, Tokyo, Japan
Kunsthalle Mannheim, ‘Full House – Gesichter einer Sammlung’, Mannheim, Germany
VIPER Basel, ‘25th Viper International Festival for Film Video and New Media’, Basel, Switzerland

Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘Papier’, Berlin, Germany
Oldenburger Kunstverein, ‘Schwarz, Brot, Gold’, Oldenburg, Germany
Sofia Art Gallery, ‘Styles und Stile – Contemporary German Painting from the Scharpff Collection’, Sofia, Bulgaria
Silverbridge, ‘Transcontinental Nomadenoase’, Miami FL
Sammlung Falckenberg/Phoenix Kunststiftung, ‘Goetz meets Falckenberg’, Hamburg, Germany
Museum der Moderne, ‘Les Grands Spectacles’, Salzburg, Austria
Carré d’Art, ‘la nouvelle peinture allemande’, Nimes, France
Forever and a Day Büro, ’3 Jahre „forever and a day Büro”’, Berlin, Germany
Gagosian Gallery, ‘The Addiction’, Berlin, Germany

Kunsthalle Mannheim, ‘Direkte Malerei/Direct Painting’, Mannheim, Germany
Neue Bahnhofstraße 5, ‘The Banana Tree’, Berlin, Germany
ArtForum, ‘Made in Berlin’, Berlin, Germany
Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, ‘Olivia Berckemeyer – Frohe Zukunft’, Luneburg, Germany
Galerie Ben Kaufmann, ‘Und im Winde klirren die Fahnen’, Munich, Germany
Haunch of Venison, ‘Heimweh: Young German Art’, London, England
Galerie Guido W. Baudach, ‘Guido W. Baudach’, Berlin, Germany
Daniel Hug Gallery, ‘Kommando Pfannenkuchen’, Los Angeles CA
Podewil, ‘Lies, Lust, Art & Fashion’, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Parisa Kind, ‘Ein Jahr Galerie Parisa Kind – Niedergang, Schimmel und Verfall’, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Hartware MedienKunstVerein, ‘So wie die Dinge liegen’, Dortmund, Germany
Russian Museum, ‘Actionbutton’, St. Petersburg, Russia (Travelling Exhibition)

Oldenburger Kunstverein, ‘Hands up, Baby, hands up’, Oldenburg, Germany
Hamburger Bahnhof / Museum für Gegenwart, ‘Actionbutton’, Berlin, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Grazer Kunstverein, ‘Vom Horror in der Kunst’, Graz, Austria
‘Watou Poeziezommer 2003’, Belgium
Atelier Paul Heyse 17, ‘Licht an’, Munich, Germany
Frankfurter Kunstverein, ‘Deutschemalereizweitausenddrei’, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Museum Abteiberg, ‘Painting on the roof’, Mönchengladbach, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Paolo Curti Gallery, ‘Painting on the roof’, Milan, Italy (Travelling Exhibition)

Maschenmode (Galerie Guido W. Baudach), ‘Friede, Freiheit, Freude’, Berlin, Germany
Central Cultural Andratx, ‘Hossa’, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Wenzel Hablik Museum, ‘J. Bock / K. Hartmann / A. Hofer / V. Lang / A. Pinckernelle / S. Thater’, Itzehoe, Germany
Pazifik, ‘Große Kunstausstellung Sommer 2002 im Pazifik’, Berlin, Germany
Witzlebenstraße 3, ‘Urwald’, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Otto Schweins, ‘Schöne Aussicht, Herr Schweins’, Cologne, Germany

Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, ‘Viva November’, Wolfsburg, Germany
Westfälischer Kunstverein, ‘believe’, Munster, Germany
Maschenmode (Galerie Guido W. Baudach), ‘Im Wandel der Liebe zu uns selbst und des Gesichtssinns im Allgemeinen (Deutsch-Britische-Freundschaft-DBF)’, Berlin, Germany

Westfälischer Kunstverein, ‘Real Places?’, Munster, Germany
Straßburger Strasse 4, ‘Die Gefahr im Jazz (DBF)’, Berlin, Germany
Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Strasse, ‘Raumvorstellungen’, Munich, Germany
OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, ‘Projektwerkstatt 2000’, Linz, Austria

Galerie Oberländer, ‘Nationale der Zeichnung’, Augsburg, Germany
‘Zauber*Haft’, Dresden, Germany
Galerie im Rathaus, ‘Credo’, Munich, Germany
Andersens Wohnung, ‘Lattenfunktion Burgaufbau’, Berlin, Germany
Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Straße, ‘Landscape in Progress II’, Munich, Germany
Galerie Andreas Binder, ‘Beach Party ‘99’, Munich, Germany

REALITY INVESTMENT/Akademie Isotrop’, Ulm, Germany
Unit 6/7, ‘Public Opinion is a Little Girl (DBF) ‘, London, England
Galerie via 113 (Daniel Schürer), ‘KS 12 & OSR’, Hildesheim, Germany
Bazaar de Cologne, ‘Anwander’, Cologne, Germany
Ultraschall/Kunstpark Ost, ‘Holiday’, Munich, Germany
Galerie im Rathaus, ‘Arena’ Munich, Germany
Ultraschall/Kunstpark Ost, ‘Rainbow Bridge’, Munich, Germany
Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Strasse, ‘Landscape in Progress’, Munich, Germany

Goethe Institut London, ‘Home Exit’, London, England
Studio, ‘Wandervögel’, London, England

Galerie Markt Bruckmühl, ‘Goldrand’, Bruckmühl, Germany
Shedhalle, ‘Sex&Space’, Zurich, Switzerland

Haus der Kunst, ‘Der zweite Blick’, Munich, Germany

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